SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Our people make the difference Economic challenges have not held us back from making substantial progress in the areas of diversity, vitality and personal growth. We want our employees to feel at home here at Royal Lemkes, and we enjoy providing opportunities for their continued development and long-term growth. In 2022, we were proud to offer a new course at our Plantify Academy, a successful masterclass in business administration by the Business School of the Netherlands in collaboration with our management team. Over an eight-day period, 15 colleagues got to grips with the basics of business administration: finance, human resources, commerce, supply chains, IT and business intelligence, strategy, sustainability and leadership. As part of our vitality programme, we organised a number of great activities, and Lemkes Sports Club continues to provide incentives for staff to stay fit and healthy. Jeannette Jongeleen HR, CS & Facility Director Listen to our Plantify® Podcasts presented by Jeannette. Huib Kranendonk Commercieel Directeur In 2022, we ran a comprehensive vitality programme.

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