Trade marketing and shopper activations We published the third edition of the Green Trend Report with elho and Floramedia. We also developed several in-store presentations and collaborated with the Flower Council of Holland in setting up successful shopper activation campaigns for Jumbo Supermarkets in the Netherlands and OBI in Italy. Watch the video here to find out more about our shopper activation for Jumbo. Sustainability An increasing number of customers consider sustainability crucially important. Experts from our sustainability team support our retail partners in various areas, and we have developed a joint sustainability roadmap with two of them. Sustainability Roadmap Royal Lemkes & partner Tray multi-use tray Analyse and model the supply chain 2022 Baseline measurements (packaging, % peat in substrate) Research alternatives to current packaging materials (trays, pots, sleeves, seals) Start introduction of Floriculture Code of Conduct Investigate footprint calculation opportunities & FloriPEFCR calculation rules 2023 $ Plan steps towards sustainable packaging Set targets for plant pots & substrate Risk analysis of use of agrochemicals Risk analysis of the supply chain on social issues 2030 2024 All growers have footprint & reduction plan Start pilot project towards living wage Positive plants Substrate 100% certified substrate, no virgin material 2025 Abbrevations: PS: Polystyrene FSC: Forest Stewardship Council PEFC: Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification PCR: Post-consumer recycled material Tray: no single-use plastic tray Pots: 0% fossil fuel-based virgin materials Substrate: 100% certified peat (RPP) 95%-100% FSI-compliant production 70% renewable energy used for production Sleeve & Seal no virgin plastic sleeves/blisters

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