SUSTAINABILITY MISSION Our sustainable dream for 2030 To realise our sustainability dream – Royal Lemkes delivering ‘positive plants’ by 2030 – we need to continue to inspire and motivate not only our colleagues, suppliers, customers and NGOs but also the government, fellow competitors and other sector partners. We do this in various ways. We work with our customers to develop sustainability roadmaps and publish white papers on topics such as plastic use and potting soil. We also organise roundtable sessions and workshops with our growers on various issues, including substrate, packaging, plastic reduction and footprinting. And we inform and inspire our stakeholders through various channels. PACKAGING STRATEGY ROADMAP 2022 20% plastic reduction 2023 30% plastic reduction 2025 50% plastic reduction Abbreviations: PS: Polystyrene FSC: Forest Stewardship Council PEFC: Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification PCR: Post-consumer recycled material Tray 90% PS or cardboard Cultivation pot 0% carbon black Complete registration of all packaging material Start FSC-decoration material Cultivation pot 100% circular and compostable Tray 100% circular and reusable 0% plastic & 100% mono materials Tray 100% PS or cardboard Cultivation pot 80% PCR & 100% recyclable 2030 Positive plants Tray 100% returnable Cultivation pot 100% circular Plant label 0% plastic Sleeve mono material & no print 100% FSC or PEFC 100% circular, reusable, recyclable Sleeve & Seal 100% circular material & 0% virgin Plant label Alternative We are committed to providing a high-quality, sustainable product and service in line with customer requirements, legislation and our dream for 2030. Our management systems and the Florimark trade certification NEN-EN-ISO 9001 guarantee our commitment. We strive for continuous improvement to remain Fit for the Future. Read more about this on pages 14-15. Huib Kranendonk Co eur

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