What we believe in Is what we stand for Royal Lemkes has a green heart Our green heart has three chambers: our roots as growers, our knowledge of plants and the sustainable ethos of our shareholder, management and employees. Our mission: We strive for sustainable growth Our aim is not to maximise profit but to maximise impact. Naturally, we need a minimum viable profit, but that results from and is a condition for a healthy company. We strive for the sustainable growth of our employees and business partners in everything we do. If we succeed in that, the company will grow organically. We also aim for a green supply chain and a liveable planet, not only for ourselves but for all future generations. Our dream: Positive plants In 2030, we want to sell twice as many plants as in 2020, with each plant contributing to a healthier planet and a better life for all. We call this ‘positive plants’. Our vision: We believe in plants Plants are a beautiful and healthy addition to our lives and strengthen our customers’ businesses. Plants also play an important part in making the world greener. We do not just believe in plants. We also believe in: • Business as a force for good • People – because people make the difference • Togetherness • The uniqueness of the plant category • Scale • Digital, data and technology • Doing better every day Our core values: Craftsmanship, Reliability, Customer Engagement, Customer Intimacy, Connection and Leadership. Scan to watch our story. 38

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