2 What are you ready for? Kissing, cuddling and sex You can have intimate physical contact with someone in many different ways: kissing, cuddling, or going further than that. STEPHAN, AGE 16: ‘We cuddle a lot. Just lying on the sofa, watching a film.’ PETER, AGE 15: ‘Fondling each other. My girlfriend and I don’t want to go to bed with each other yet, but we do want to do more than just kiss.’ SUSAN, AGE 14: ‘My boyfriend and I can spend hours kissing.’ ALEXANDRA, AGE 15: ‘I get excited by saying things that will arouse her.’ LINDA, AGE 17: ‘My boyfriend and I have been going to bed with each other for three months now. It happened gradually, we’ve been going out for a year.’ Porno is not real-life sex Ever watch porno? Watching it might arouse you, but remember: it’s all quite fake. Sex in real life is completely different. Photos in ads are often fake Many young people feel insecure when they see glossy photos of super-slim girls and good-looking boys in magazines and posters, and on social media. But most of these photos are not real. They are manipulated to make the models look much more attractive. It’s called ‘photoshopping’. Sex on your own Most boys and girls have sex on their own now and then. How often varies. Other words for having sex on your own are ‘masturbating’ or ‘self stimulation’. Boys might call it ‘jerking off’ and girls could talk about ‘fingering’. Sex on your own makes you feel good. It is also useful, because you learn more about your own body. But it’s also quite normal if you don’t want to do it. 12 LONG LIVE LOVE

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