3 Where do you draw the line? I’m going out with Nick! We’re going to an ice cream parlour in town on Friday. Will you be careful? You’ve never met him before. If anything’s wrong, call us. It’s good that you haven’t arranged to meet for the first time at home. Lisa Hannah Jill It’s great to actually see each other. Isn’t he gorgeous… Nick Mmm.. She’s really pretty. I was a bit nervous about meeting you. It’s different to chatting online … I like the way she kisses. I’m so glad we’ve met. He’s kissing me! That must mean he likes me. Hi! EXCITING... six months together and home alone… Hannah and Nick have been going out for six months. They haven’t been at home by themselves yet. Hannah invites Nick over as her parents are going to be out this evening and they can watch a film together. I wonder if we’ll do more than just watch a film. I’m glad you’ve come. My parents have just left. 16 LONG LIVE LOVE

19 Online Touch Home

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