quiz What do you think? These questions are about the story of Nick and Hannah. Choose what you think is the right answer. 1. What went wrong in the story?  a. Nothing went wrong.  b. Hannah and Nick went too far.  c. Hannah and Nick didn’t talk about things properly. 2. Hannah tried to show Nick that she didn’t want to go any further. What do you think about how she did that?  a. I think Hannah wasn’t clear enough, as she smiled while she carefully pushed him away.  b. I think Hannah should have first asked Nick how far he wanted to go.  c. I think Hannah should have pushed him away more clearly. 3. Nick didn’t really know what Hannah wanted. He got out a condom thinking that Hannah wanted to go further. What could Nick have done differently?  a. If Nick wasn’t sure, it would have been better to stop and find out what she wanted.  b. He’d been better off talking to Hannah beforehand about what she did and didn’t want.  c. It’s good that Nick thought of condoms. But it would have been better to know how far she wanted to go. Below you can read what Nick and Hannah thought. Tips How to talk about it • Say clearly what you do and don’t want. • Talk beforehand about how far you want to go. • If you don't like something, say it. • Watch the other person and find out what he or she wants. • Sometimes you’ll notice what they want without talking about it. SELDA, AGE 15: ‘I think it’s easy. I’d just say: ‘I’m Muslim and will only kiss or have sex with someone when I’m married’. MICHAEL, AGE 17: ‘She said beforehand: ‘I’m not ready for it yet.’ At first I wasn’t happy about that. But I said to her ‘OK, alright’. Well at least we’re in love.’ MANDY, AGE 16: ‘I said: ‘Not so fast. Kissing and stuff is fine, but I’m not going to bed with you straightaway’ so he said ‘If that’s what you want, we’ll just wait’. JULIUS, AGE 15: ‘You have to watch the other person. If he kisses you back and looks happy, you know it’s all OK.’ LONG LIVE LOVE 19 What Nick and Hannah say about it now Nick and Hannah look back on that evening at Hannah’s. NICK: ‘I find it difficult to talk about it when we’re kissing and enjoying ourselves. But now I realise I should have asked her what she wanted. And say what I wanted myself. That would have been better. Since then we’ve talked about it. Talking was actually really good.’ HANNAH: ‘At that moment it was difficult to make it clear that I didn’t want to go any further. I didn’t want to upset him either. But actually I was upsetting him more by being unclear and not telling him exactly what I meant. Next time I’ll be clearer about what I want.’

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