1 What's happening to you? You’re changing! A lot changes in puberty. Your body is growing up. Sometimes you’ll feel insecure or awkward. You’ll also be more independent, start going out with friends perhaps. You may fall in love and get a boyfriend or girlfriend. How is it affecting you? Emotional roller coaster What do you notice about your body? A lot also changes in your body during puberty. It’s something you have to get used to. You may even feel ashamed of your body. But remember: you’re not the only one! Boys say: GLEN, AGE 17: ‘Sometimes I had a wet dream at night. I’d wake up with wet boxers and would try to hide them at the bottom of the washing basket so my mother wouldn’t find them.’ SAM, AGE 17: ‘I’d suddenly get a hard on in the classroom, really annoying. I always made sure I wore a long loose sweatshirt so I could hide it. Luckily it stopped happening one day.’ AMIN, AGE 16: ‘I used to really sweat. I’d get those dark rings around my armpits.’ Girls say: AYLA, AGE 18: ‘I had a lot of spots, and really hated that. How you look is just so important.’ EVA, AGE 15: ‘I really didn’t like having my period at first. During gym lessons I thought everyone could see it, was afraid I was leaking. I wasn’t, of course, but it felt like that.’ CRISTA, AGE 16: ‘I remember being the first girl in our class to get breasts. All the boys would look at my boobs, it was so irritating. As if I was a Barbie doll. Now I’m glad I have them.’ Do you get it? One minute you can’t stop giggling, the next you feel really down. Sometimes you want to be with someone, other times you’d rather be on your own. Those changing moods are part of puberty. For both girls and boys. Is it normal? Lots of young people wonder. During puberty you can be very unsure of yourself. Stormy? All these changes might lead to arguments with your parents or friends. LONG LIVE LOVE 1

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