4 How do you make sex special? When it isn’t right... Sometimes, love and sex are not good at all. You may be broken-hearted, feel insecure about your body, or someone has forced you to have sex. Have you had a bad experience or is something worrying you? Talk about it to someone you trust. A good friend, your parents, a teacher or a confidential advisor at school. Don’t you know who that person is? Look it up on the school website. ANNA FROM SENSE: ‘Every week at the Sense Infoline we get lots of questions. I like being able to help young people. Sometimes they’ve been worrying about something for a while and I think that’s a shame. No problems surprise me, so anyone can call or email me about anything.’ complete What’s the solution? Who should these young people go to with their problem? Draw a line to the solution you would choose. THE PROBLEM: THE SOLUTION: SHARON, AGE 17: Someone forced me to have sex. I’m really unhappy. Who can I talk to about it? MICHAEL, AGE 16: I think I’m gay. Who can I tell? Friends MAHIRA, AGE 15: I’m scared I’m getting an arranged marriage. Who can help me? RODNEY, AGE 17: I want to have an STI test. Where can I go? 28 LONG LIVE LOVE More help Would you rather get help from someone you don’t know? The best way to do that is to go to www.sense.info. Then you can email, chat with, or call the Sense Infoline. If you’d like to see someone, go to a Sense drop-in session in your area or to your doctor. Teacher Doctor Confidential adviser Parents EXAMPLE Call, email or chat with the Sense Infoline Sense drop-in session

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