quiz What do you know about STIs, pregnancy and safe sex? Are the following statements true or false? 1. Most STIs go away by themselves 2. If you have an STI, you always have symptoms 3. Washing yourself after having sex prevents STIs 4. There are STIs that make girls infertile 5. The pill protects against STIs too 6. A girl can get pregnant if the boy doesn’t come when you have sex 7. The first time you have sex you don’t need to use a condom or a contraceptive 8. If a girl has sex while she has her period she can still get pregnant 9. Masturbating is always safe 10. Cuddling, caressing and mouth-to-mouth kissing don’t put you at risk of STIs You’ll find the answers on page 36. True O O O O O O O O O O False O O O O O O O O O O LONG LIVE LOVE 33

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