What do they think of the pill? IRIS, AGE 17: ‘My boyfriend and I aren’t having sex yet. But I have already thought about how I’d make sure I didn’t get pregnant. My mother suggested an IUD. Because you don’t have to think about it every day.’ HANNAH, AGE 15: ‘I have a lot of problems with my period. That’s why I’m on the pill. But it will also be handy if I start going out with someone.’ ZOË, AGE 16: ‘I was looking on the internet with my friends the other day. One of them has had a relationship for a while and wants to start using a contraceptive. There’s actually quite a lot to choose from. I’d go for the pill.’ Tip If you don't want anyone to know Doctors are obliged to respect confidentiality. That means that he or she may tell no one that you’re using a contraceptive. You don't want anyone to know you went to the doctor for a contraceptive? Then it's best to go to a Sense drop-in session. Then you can use cash to pay for the contraceptive at the pharmacy. LONG LIVE LOVE 39 How do I get the pill? To: info@sense.info From: Tess_B@gmail.com Subject: How do I get the pill? Dear Sense, I have a question. I’ve had a boyfriend for a little while. I’d like to know more about what I should do to make sure I don’t get pregnant. I was thinking of going on the pill. But how do I get it? ----------------------------------------------Dear Tess, You get the pill from your doctor. You can also get other contraceptives there. Make an appointment to see your doctor and talk about what’s the best choice for you. You may want to take your boyfriend, your mother or a friend with you. When you’ve decided, your doctor will write a prescription. Take the prescription to your pharmacy to pick up your contraceptive. You will need to go back to your doctor to have a hormone injection, or have an IUD or hormone implant fitted, if you have chosen one of these options. What this costs depends on your health insurance and the kind of contraceptive. If you’d rather not go to your doctor, you can also go to a Sense drop-in session at the GGD community health centre in your area.

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