HOW DO YOU USE CONDOMS? 1 Tear open the pack on the tear strip and take out the condom. Make sure you don’t damage the condom. Be careful with sharp nails and jewellery. Don’t use scissors! 2 Make sure the ring of the condom is on the outside. Hold the tip of the condom between your thumb and forefinger to squeeze out the air. Otherwise it might tear. 3 Use one hand to put the condom on the top of the erect penis. With the other hand, roll the condom down as far as you can over the erect penis. Keep holding the tip. Make sure there’s enough space in the tip. That’s where the semen will be caught. 4 After coming, withdraw the penis before it softens. During withdrawal, hold the condom ring so the condom doesn’t slip off. Take off the condom and tie a knot in it. Throw it away. Condoms cannot be flushed down the toilet. LONG LIVE LOVE 41 What can go wrong? • The condom may burst or tear. This can happen if the tip was not squeezed properly and air got in. • The condom may slip off. This can happen if you wait too long with withdrawing the penis from the vagina. More you should know... • Never wear one condom over another. • Only use a condom once. • You can’t unroll it? Take a new condom. • Use a condom with extra lubricant for anal sex. • Use water-based lubricant. Oil will damage the rubber.

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