Vagina stuff The word ‘vagina’ is often used to describe a girl’s genitals. Vulva is actually the right word. The vulva consists of the labia (skinfolds), urine opening, clitoris and vagina. Vulvas all look different. In many vulvas, the inner labia are visible from the outside. That’s quite normal. The clitoris is one of the girl's most sensitive spots. The top of the clitoris is located at the top of the vulva, between the labia. A clitoris is much bigger than you think. Most of it is on the inside of the vulva. If you touch and stroke a girl's clitoris for a while, she may have an orgasm. Most girls have their first period between the ages of 11 and 15. Remember: Once a girl has had her first period, she’s fertile. That means she can get pregnant if she has sex without a condom or the pill. fallopian tube Would you like to know more about the vulva, the clitoris and periods? Go to www.sense.info labia uterus ovary vagina cervix clitoris outer labia inner labia urine opening vagina Vulva anus quiz Hymen 1. Boys can be virgins too: 2. A doctor can’t see whether a girl is still a virgin:  True  False  True  False 3. A girl can lose her virginity by using tampons or going horse riding:  True  False LONG LIVE LOVE 3 Answers to the quiz: 1. True. Boys can be virgins too. A virgin is someone who has never had sex. That goes for both boys and girls. 2. True. The hymen doesn’t tell you whether a girl is still a virgin. Some people think you can see that. But even a doctor can’t. 3. False. You only lose your virginity by having sex. A girl can’t lose her virginity by using tampons or going horse riding. Nor by cycling or masturbating. What is the hymen? Did you know that the hymen doesn’t cover the vagina? It’s a thin membrane around the vaginal opening. Most girls have this. When a girl has sex for the first time, the hymen is stretched by the penis. In some girls it may bleed a bit, but mostly it won’t. Having sex for the first time shouldn’t hurt if the girl is relaxed, her vagina is moist and the boy is gentle with her.

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