018 012 002 008 Carl Zeiss Vision was founded in 2005 when Carl Zeiss and Sola combined their business. Today the company has more as 10.000 employees and delivers 150 million lenses a year. After the leave of Dr. Norbert Gorny, Dr. Arne Frank has been appointed as the interim CEO of Carl Zeiss Vision. 012 009 002 In 2004 Luxottica appointed Andrea Guerra as the CEO of the Luxottica Group. Since he leads the company in close cooperation with its founder Leonardo del Vecchio. During his leadership Luxottica continued the expansion of its retail activities on different continents, acquired Oakley and Oliver Peoples and a few new and interesting licenses. 003 The French company Essilor was founded in 1972. With a yearly turnover of 3 billion euro the company certainly is the world leader in prescription lenses. The company’s CEO, Xavier Fontanet, strengthened its position in recent years by acquiring many laboratories and by introducing a continuous range of premium products. Of course he didn’t do that all by himself but was supported by a team including the company’s COO’s Philippe Alfroid and Hubert Saignières and the Presidents of the Europe region and Essilor of America respectively Bertrand Roy and Jean Carrier-Guillomet. [ THE E YEWEAR ISSUE 2009 ] On behalf of HAL Investments Mr. M.F. Groot is a member of the executive boards of Pearle Europe and Grandvision which retail companies are both owned by HAL. Together they have more as 3800 stores on different continents. In 2006 Mr. Groot received 50.000 HAL shares for free under the condition that he would stay another 5 years with HAL. G. van de Weerdhoff is the current CEO of Pearle which today owns a variety of retail brands on different continents with all together more as 2.600 stores of which approximately 26% is a franchisee. In 2008 the Group generated worldwide sales of € 1.435 million. T.A. Kiesselbach is the CEO of Grandvision which 1.235 stores and brands spread over 19 countries. In 2008 sales totalled € 930 million.

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