[ THE E YEWEAR ISSUE 2009 ] 025 025 025 Maurizio and Cirillo Coffen Marcolin are the sons of Marcolin founder Giovanni Marcolin Coffen. In the eighties Cirillo joined the company, followed later by Maurizio. Today the two brothers share the CEO-ship of the company which is still partly owned by the family and hold chairs in major Italian eyewear business organizations like Anfao and Mido. As the Managing Director and General Manager of Marcolin, Massimo Saracchi is in charge of all the daily business of the company which more and more develops into what Maurizio Marcolin once described as a premium boutique eyewear manufacturer. 029 Al Berg and Larry Roth sold their company Marchon recently to VSP but stayed to develop the company’s portfolio and business in the next years. Their roles have changed especially in Europe where the company appointed a new management but their influence is still undeniable. Berg is still the official CEO of the entire company and Roth is in charge of the operations in the United States. After a career as initially President and CEO of Safilo USA and finally CEO of Safilo worldwide, Claudio Gottardi recently moved to Marchon where he became the President and CEO for Marchon International. He gets support from Nicola Zotta who also moved from Safilo to Marchon to become the company’s Vice-President and Managing Director of the EMEA region. 033 As CEO of the The Rigo Group which consists of the The Rigo Vision eyewear production and distribution as well as of the retail chains Dollond and Aitchison and General Optica, Ennio de Rigo plays an important role in both the sales and distribution of eyewear with a strong focus on Europe. 034 Founded in 1978, Stylemark is now one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of sunglasses worldwide shipping more than 70 million pairs annually. In 2007, CEO Mark Ascik, who started his career at the company as a sales rep in the seventies, acquired Polaroid Eyewear and later that same year merged with Motive Eyewear. The company also owns Lantis Eyewear and Riviera Trading. 034 [ THE E YEWEAR ISSUE 2009 ]

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