073 077 069 In 2001 Paul Frank knocked at Shane Baum’s door and Baumvision was born. Shortly after Shane signed licences with Modern Amusement and Original Penquin and today the company sells frames and sunglasses all over the world. It is that specific mix of high and low culture that defines Shane, his company and his designs. It’s a kind of new luxury which he himself lives to the max and inspires others like us to do the same. 070 Gerry and Shirley Hundert purchased REM Eyewear in 1971 and their son and current CEO Mike Hundert transformed the company into an international eyewear design house with distribution in 61 countries. Mike also serves as an officer for the Vision Council of America. 073 Mykita was founded in 2003 by Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans and Moritz Krueger and although Mykita sounds a bit Asian, the name is derived from the first company premises, a former day-care centre for children, in East-Germany abbreviated to “Kita”. Today the company has a worldwide distribution and a few own stores. 077 Most French brands add colour and a certain touch of freshness to the market and Anne et Valentin is no exception. For Anne Valentin, everyone is unique and her designs should underline this uniqueness. Thanks to the vision and strategy of Managing Director Christoph Gilabert, over the last years the brand got a stronger an more defined position mixing the traditional Anne et Valentin values with a more contemporary design. 069

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