093 093 093 Over the years the different industry organizations in the United States of America merged together into one major organization called The Vision Council. It’s main goal is to enhance life through a better vision. The Vision Council’s CEO is Ed Greene. Maureen Beddis is the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Greg Chavez as a Vice-President is responsible for all member services and Deborah Malakoff-Castor is Vice-President shows. 097 Dominique Pinton is the owner and chairman of Francois Pinton and the current President of the Syndicat National Lunettes de France, the French union of eyewear manufacturers and suppliers. 098 Being a store in Paris originally and transformed in 1972 into a real brand, today Lafont exports its collections to many countries worldwide. The family company is directed by the two brothers Thomas and Matthieu Lafont. 100 In her position as Vice President Strategic Accounts of International Vision Expo Valerie Scott is one of the driving forces behind the most important optical fairs in the Americas. 093 093 098

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