037 [ AMAZING ] “Everything starts collapsing and reducing more and more and more, but the stories become bigger and bigger and bigger and the narratives and the possibilities and the ideas just become immense. It is that amazing process.” Jonathan Jones Born in 1978, Sydney, Australia Jonathan Jones is a collaborative installation artist, who works with light and line in an effort to create representations of the symbiotic relationship of the individual and community. Jones’s materials are similarly simple in substance and equally complex in meaning. His work appears monochromatic, based around alternations of black and white, dark and light, elaborated and negative spaces. But to spend some time with the work is to recognize it is much more inflected, complex and subtle. Each of the motifs he uses has its own meaning and is place specific; each has a long lineage. He has taken these motifs and given them a new context. Like the nineteenth century artists, he has acted as someone who transmits culture, reiterating and reforming its patterns and meanings in the present. Collaborative exhibitions include 2004 with Darren Dale and David Page at Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, The Sound of Missing Objects in 2003 with Ilaria Vanni and Panos Couros and Reckonings in 2001 with Nuha Sadd, Ruark Lewis and Romaine Morton, both at The Performance Space, Sydney, and Red Out in 2002 a collaborative exhibition with Jim Vivieaere, Contemporary Art Foundation of Auckland, New Zealand.

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