047 [ AMAZING ] EVERYONE CAN CHANGE the future The company aims to collect 10 million euros. For that reason it designed a silver ring and each of these rings will finally be transformed into schools, teacher training courses and programs to protect children from violence and to reintegrate child-soldiers into society. In addition Bulgari created a limited collection of high jewellery and watches with an overall value of 3 million euros. This collection will initially be presented in Rome at the retrospective hosted by the Palazzo delle Esposizione in celebration of the brand’s anniversary and later at several Bulgari events around the world, after which it will be auctioned in New York at the end of this year, with all proceeds going directly to Save the Children. Numerous celebrities support this initiative and we encourage all our readers to do the same. Rewriting the Future is rather easy when we all contribute a little bit! The silver ring is on sale for only 290 euros until the end of this year in all Bulgari stores and in some department stores worldwide. www.bulgari.com/125anniversary [ THE E YEWEAR ISSUE 2009 ]

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