WELLNESS Candle Attributes Brand: Wellness - proudly poured in the USA Size: 2.46 oz // 70g Scored into 6 Chunks Material: Soy-Based White Wax Blend Material: Soy-Based Colored Wax Blend Candle Attributes Br nd: Wellness waxmel - proud y poured in the USA BAMBOO LOTUS SKU: 116281 UPC: 665098606949 Top Notes: Bamboo, Oak Middle Notes: Lotus, Jasmine, Woodsy Base Notes: Amber, Florals ENCHANTING LAVENDER SKU: 116278 SOOTHING EUCALYPTUS SKU: 116279 UPC: 665098529507 Top Notes: Floral, Green, Herbal Middle Notes: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Floral Base Notes: Lavender, Floral, Musk, Vanilla UPC: 665098606963 Top Notes: citrus, herbal Middle Notes: floral, eucalyptus, mint, lavender Base Notes: musk RAIN SHOWERS SKU: 116282 UPC: 665098606932 Top Notes: Green, Ozone Middle Notes: Green, Aquatic, Lotus Flower, jasmine Base Notes: Aquatic, White Woods VANILLA SANDALWOOD SKU: 116280 UPC: 665098606956 Top Notes: Heliotrope Middle Notes: Balsam Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood CHAMOMILE & HONEY SKU: 116277 UPC: 665098534433 Top Notes: Green, Herbal Middle Notes: Herbal, Chamomile, Tagette, Floral Base Notes: Honey, Musk, Wood

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