Candle Attributes Brand: Colonial Classic Cylinders - proudly poured in the USA Size: 19 oz // 538g (6,2 cm x 15,3 cm) Material: Soy-Based Colored Wax Blend, Two Premium Cotton Wicks 60-90 hours Burningtime: +/- 60 hours SEASONALS WINTER WOODS SKU: 126670 WOODLAND WILLOW SKU: 126385 UPC: 665098520412 Top Notes: Winter Berries, Rosemary, Spice Middle Notes: Winter Berries, Rosemary, Spice Base Notes: Black Pine, Birchwood, Sugared Cedar, Smooth Musk UPC: 665098522843 Top Notes: Green, weeping willow Middle Notes: Woods, amber, sage Base Notes: Mint, woods

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