HALLOWEEN Candle Attributes proudly poured in the USA Size: 14,5 oz // 411g Burningtime: +/- 60-80 hours Material: Soy-Based White Wax Blend, Two Premium Cotton Wicks BLACK MAGIC SKU: 127376 BOO SKU: 127377 UPC: 665098513537 Top Notes: Musk Middle Notes: grapefruit, tangerine Base Notes: bergamot UPC: 665098513520 Top Notes: buttercream, cinnamon, ginger Middle Notes: cloves, nutmeg Base Notes: butter, creamy, vanilla MIDNIGHT POTION SKU: 127375 UPC: 665098513544 Top Notes: cinnamon sugar, lemon, cardamom Middle Notes: cloves, nutmeg Base Notes: vanilla pod, dry cocoa, all spice

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