CARD WALLET BELT CARDS The black belt / bag wallet for bank cards only is a unique Valenta product and made of genuine leather and specially made to wear on your belt or to attach to your crossbody / handbag. On the back of this wallet is a 5 cm wide Velcro closure, with which you can easily attach the 'crossbody' wallet to any belt or shoulder strap. No clumsy, bulky wallet in your pocket or searching for your wallet in your bag. Anti RFID material is placed between the leather to prevent skimming of your passes. This belt wallet has 6 compartments for (bank) cards. The 6 boxes hold between 6-12 cards. The front closes with invisible magnets, so you have quick access to your passes. A unique bag from Valenta. Available in black or brown. SRP 45 EURO

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