UNIVERSAL MAGSAFE STICKER This sticker offers the possibility to charge wirelessly, but also to use all Magsafe accessories, such as a Magsafe car holder, Magsafe telephone holder or the Magsafe card holders. Are you not using an Apple phone, but a different brand? This universal sticker is also suitable for almost all Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, Sony, Xiaomi and Oppo models. For all compatibility see below the list of brands and devices. With the positioning card, it is very easy to apply once and can be used on almost all materials. The Valenta Magsafe Universal sticker is available in white or black. From the iPhone 12, the Magsafe technology has been applied. Magsafe is a system from Apple for charging your Smartphone or attaching all kinds of Magsafe accessories. This is done via special magnets, it clicks perfectly and is very sturdy. SRP 14,95 EURO

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