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Van der Waay B.V. Finlandlaan 2 2391 PV Hazerswoude The Netherlands Information and sales Machines Tom Zwanenburg tom@vdwaay.nl +31 (0) 613 005 273 Information and sales Parts Bob van Brandwijk / Toine Kooter / Laurens van den Craats salesteam@vdwaay.nl +31 (0) 172 210 311 Administration Jony Ket / Miranda van der Waay admin@vdwaay.nl +31 (0) 172 210311 www.vdwaay.nl

About van der Waay Since our inception in 1989, we have strived to be at the top with products and services that stand out. We do everything in our power to maintain and strengthen that position as the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of greenhouse roof washers, chalk machines and greenhouse roof repair facilities. Offering pure quality products; that is where our strength lies and that is also where our growth will come from in the coming years. Our team shares the same passion, namely: creating smart and affordable solutions for clean and safe greenhouses, worldwide. With our solutions we want to enable growers, suppliers and greenhouse builders to achieve the most optimal results. In addition to delivering perfect machines worldwide, we have been committed to a sublime after-sales service for many years - even after delivery. 3

Roof washers Top Cleaner Maximum light, maximum growth and quality Top Cleaner, the roof washer for Venlo greenhouses If you are considering a greenhouse roof cleaner, then you obviously want to make the right choice. After all, it is an investment you should be able to rely on for at least 10 years. With over 30 years of experience in designing, using as a contractor ourselves, and manufacturing greenhouse roof washers and chalk machines, we know and understand exactly what is/isn't desirable, or what is/ isn't possible. Together with you, we will be happy to determine the right configuration of the Top Cleaner to enable you to work safely and pleasantly, and of course with the shortest possible ROI. Washing your greenhouse, higher crop yield 4 Featured products

Standard features Top Cleaner roof washer Arro콇

Top Cleaner roof washer, Special Editions In addition to the standard Top Cleaner model, van der Waay also builds special versions, fully tailored to the situation. In the desert of Oman, this XXL Top Cleaner has a working width of 10 meters and cleans the F-Clean film with nozzles instead of brushes. A Top Cleaner at Bayers facility in Arizona, special designed for riding below the roof top screen. Also the platform is a tailor made solution. 8 Featured products

Roof washers Top Cleaner V Maximum light, maximum flexibility This roof washer for the Venlo type of greenhouse is the latest development within the Top Cleaner family. Because this deck cleaner runs through one greenhouse gutter it is possible to apply it to greenhouses with different roof sizes. Standard features Top Cleaner V roof washer Arro콇

Roof washers Top Cleaner Poly Maximum light output in plastic multispan greenhouses Regular cleaning of the greenhouse cover film can bring tens of percent more light into the greenhouse at those times when the crop needs it. More light leads to higher production, so the investment is quickly recouped, even when the plastic foil is replaced every three or five years. This deck washer drives through one greenhouse gutter, with on the left and right a long arm fitted with hydraulically driven brush discs. At the end of both arms a soft support roller is mounted which rests on the ridge pipe and keeps the deck cleaner in balance. The arms are dismountable and available in different lengths. This makes it possible to use one machine on greenhouses with different roof widths. For example, on a 12.80 and 9.60 meter bay. The Top Cleaner Poly drags a water hose behind it. This water hose is connected to a hose reel with a high pressure water pump, which is on the ground. The high-pressure pump has a large flow rate so that a generous amount of water flows onto the foil during washing. 10 Featured products

Standard features Arro콇

Roof washers AquaJet The growing season is over, the crop is cleared, and the greenhouse is made ready for the new plants. Time for a thorough cleaning of the glass and cultivation gutters. Not the nicest of jobs, cleaning the greenhouse is very labor intensive and time consuming. Van der Waay has the AquaJet in its product range especially for this purpose. A robust plug & play pipe rail trolley with a hose reel, a height-adjustable mast with two powerful nozzles on it, and a high volume high pressure pump that is driven by a petrol engine. Working method in brief: The AquaJet is driven onto the pipe rail and the water hose is connected to the water supply. The 4-stroke petrol engine is started, and the moving nozzles on top of the mast are brought to the right height. You now have the choice to first spray a cleaning agent against the glass, or to rinse the glass directly with a powerful water jet. The facades are cleaned with the supplied spray gun. After the greenhouse roof and walls have been cleaned to a high standard, the cultivation gutters can be sprayed clean. AquaJet with steerable wheels, the solution for propagation nurseries Injector and flowmeter for detergents 12 Featured products

A clean start, a good start AquaJet in motion at van Gog Kwekerijen, Netherlands Standard features Arro콇

Roof sprayers A Top Cleaner with a set of spray booms Light is important for optimal growth, but too much light can be harmful to the crop. With the help of a coating, you can control the light in the greenhouse. For even light distribution it is essential to apply the coating evenly. Our spray machines guarantee a perfectly even result, whatever the circumstances. You can use it to apply both a chalk layer and the coatings of all well-known brands (Mardenkro, Hermadix, Sudlac). Top Sprayer from contractor HPW in action 14 Featured products

Van der Waay Spray Computer With a spray computer, applying a coating becomes even easier and more efficient. Set the roof size and the desired amount of spray liquid, and the spray computer determines the correct speed of the machine. Diffuse layer, applied with the Top Cleaner A sun protective layer, applied with the Top Cleaner Poly 15

Pump trailer 960E2000 Spray Carts Van der Waay builds its own spray carts, and are fully tailored for practical use in conjunction with one of its chalk machines. For example, the mobile version is equipped with extra large and robust all-terrain wheels, so that it is easy to move along the greenhouse walls. Easy to fill mixing containers Powerful stainless steel stirrer 16 Featured products

USPS’s Arro콇

Greenhouse roof repair concept Glass Repair Cart & Glass Elevator 18 Featured products

With the Glass Repair Cart, broken glass panes can be replaced quickly and safely from the outside. Through a clever invention (patent pending), a greenhouse deck with tempered glass can be repaired with the original glass dimensions, keeping the greenhouse deck in its original state. The Glass Repair Cart, developed and built by Van der Waay, meets all applicable European safety requirements. The Glass Repair Cart can be moved from roof to roof using the platform of a Top Cleaner greenhouse deck cleaner, or if not available, it can be lifted onto the greenhouse deck using a telescopic handler. To safely load the windows onto the glass repair cart, an electrically powered glass elevator is available. This elevator can be easily attached to a van der Waay platform, or to the greenhouse. The safest and most efficient way to replace greenhouse glass panes USP’s Arro콇

Your roof, our care! v Wherever you are in the world, we speak your language! More information can be found on our website, also in your language. Go to www.vdwaay.nl. Waar ter wereld je ook bent, wij spreken jouw taal! Meer informatie vind je op onze website, ook in jouw taal. Kijk op www.vdwaay.nl. Où que vous soyez dans le monde, nous parlons votre langue ! Vous trouverez de plus amples informations sur notre site web, également dans votre langue. Allez sur www.vdwaay.nl. Wo auch immer Sie sich auf der Welt befinden, wir sprechen Ihre Sprache! Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf unserer Website, auch in Ihrer Sprache. Gehen Sie auf www.vdwaay.nl. Esté donde esté en el mundo, hablamos su idioma. Puede encontrar más información en nuestro sitio web, también en su idioma. Vaya a www.vdwaay.nl. Gdziekolwiek jesteś na świecie, mówimy w Twoim języku! Więcej informacji można znaleźć na naszej stronie internetowej, również w Twoim języku. Wejdź na stronę www.vdwaay.nl. Где бы вы ни находились, мы говорим на вашем языке! Более подробную информацию можно найти на нашем сайте, также на вашем языке. Перейдите на сайт www.vdwaay.nl. 无 你在世界什么地方,我 都会 你的 言 更多的信息可以在我 的网站上找到,也是用你的 言。 到 www.vdwaay.nl


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