ELF LMS ELF MITS 46 PROTECTION AGAINST KNOCKING EASY ENGINE MAPPING OXYGEN CONTENT 2,6% m/m RON 101,7 MON 89,4 ELF LM®S is a multipurpose, cost effective racing fuel. It can be used in 2-stroke and 4stroke engines, turbo-charged and naturally aspirated. Easy to tune, this fuel is highly appreciated for its resistance to knocking. ELF LM®S is an excellent control fuel that is widely used in major championships like Blancpain series (Endurance and Sprint), National series, Superkart, etc... APPLICATION : Control fuel, Circuit... Should be combined with either ELF HTX 909 or ELF HTX 976+ racing lubricants to get the best out of the engine MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE HIGH COMBUSTION SPEED OXYGEN CONTENT 2,6% m/m RON 101,5 MON 89,5 ELF MITS 46 is the first choice for 2-strokes karting and motorbikes racers. Made for specialists, it requires fine tuning of the engine. This fuel is the outcome of advanced research based on ELF's expertise in former 2-strokes moto Grand Prix. Owing to its specific formula, ELF MITS 46 offers exceptional anti-knock protection and enhances combustion at high speeds. APPLICATION : Karting, MX... LMS® has become the o

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