ELF RACE 102 PROTECTION AGAINST KNOCKING CAN BE USED WITH ORIGINAL ENGINE MAPPING COST EFFECTIVE OXYGEN CONTENT 3,7% m/m RON >102,0 MON >88,0 ELF turbo ref MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE HIGH PROTECTION AGAINST KNOCKING OXYGEN CONTENT 3,6% m/m RON 101,4 MON 86,5 ELF RACE 102 formulation guarantees a fuel with an octane number greater than 102 and with properties that remain stable over time. Developed for all types of racing, this fuel meets the economic expectations of unleaded 98 fuel users, while providing the quality and performance of a race fuel. APPLICATION : Multipurpose... Race technology you can't get at the fuel station : a major success since its launch in 2015 ! ELF TURBO REF is the racing fuel reference on the market, optimized for turbocharged engines within the FIA regulation (Appendix J 2018), specifically designed for R5 engines. With a choice of high energy content molecules allowing a high compression rate, ELF TURBO REF leads to an optimized cycle efficiency. APPLICATION : WRC, R5, R4, R3, Gr A, Gr N,... The new REFerence on the market!

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