12 NORNA CORE WELCOME Welcome to NORNA CORE NORNA CORE represents the best known core products from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS. The NORNA CORE range is particularly known for well-built playground equipment manufactured using the best quality materials. In the NORNA CORE range, you will find climbing towers, aerial ropeways and sand and water play. You will also find the beautiful and fun animal cut-outs and the large motor skills courses. All the primary products in this range are TÜV-certified. All playground equipment with a product certificate from TÜV is produced with NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ pre-drilled system, SMART ROBINIA®. The NORNA CORE range offers everything within: • Balance, motor skills and climbing courses • Climbing and tower systems • Themes and wooden figures • Slides • Swings • Playhouses • Sand and water play • Sensory play and herb gardens • Aerial ropeways and seesaws • Shelters and outdoor furniture • Multi-sport and natural fitness To see the complete selection of the NORNA CORE range, please check out our website: https://norna-playgrounds.com/norna-core The basic concept of NORNA PLAYGROUND natural play is play “without rules”, which the children create by themselves without outside control. Specifically, this means that we are always focused on designing playground equipment which can be used in as many ways as possible. For example, there are countless possibilities for what a climbing tower or the components of a balance course could be to a child.

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