NORNA CORE PLAYHOUSES 31 Playhouses NORNA PLAYGROUNDS has playhouses of many different shapes and sizes. For the young and slightly older children, the sandbox area with a playhouse is the natural centre of their play. The Gallic House (LE20100) is a very popular choice here. “House on a Hill” (LE20109) is another one of our popular and thoroughly tested products. The children will have a natural urge to get to higher ground. The entrances are made of tree stumps and ramps, so that the small adventurers can also test their balance skills. A slide is mounted on one side, offering lots of challenges – yet another example of playground equipment with a high play value. Apart from tables, benches and shelves, which can be installed in the playhouses, there are also other options, such as an outdoor kitchen, petrol pumps and a car wash. LE20001 LE20110 LE20098 LE20100 LE20109 LE20453 LE20094 LE20096 LE20092 LE20097

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