NORNA CORE SAND AND WATER PLAY 33 Sand is a wonderful material Sand can do a lot of things. You can build with it, shape it and immerse yourself in it in a way that stimulates your senses. In combination with water, sand offers many more possibilities for activating your imagination and senses. There are many options for adding elements to the sandbox, each creating different play universes. Sand tables, play surfaces or sand trays for building or eating on are very popular. Sun shades are a flexible solution when you want shade for the sandbox. NORNA PLAYGROUND has a large assortment of sun shades in different sizes, which are presented elsewhere in this catalogue. LE20896 LE20878 T9734 LE20954 LE20894 LE20898 LE 20510 - LE20511 - P2013 - S4218 - LE20096 - LE20878 The sandbox area

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