44 NORNA BASIC WELCOME Welcome to NORNA BASIC The NORNA BASIC range consists of a long list of balance and climbing equipment. There is a clear concept behind all the equipment in the NORNA BASIC range. The fall height does not exceed 1 metre – therefore, there is usually no need for a protective surface other than well-established grass. In addition, all the equipment is pre-drilled with our unique SMART ROBINIA® pre-drilled system. And like the rest of NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ products, the playground equipment in the NORNA BASIC range is made using FSC®-certified Robinia wood. NORNA BASIC consists of: • Balance, motor skills and climbing courses • Hammocks and special needs To see the complete selection of the NORNA BASIC range, please check out our website: https://norna-playgrounds.com/norna-basic The natural playground equipment in the NORNA BASIC range consists of balance and climbing equipment which is all made with our SMART ROBINIA® pre-drilled system for Robinia wood. This results in a quick, hassle-free installation.

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