50 NORNA SUN SHADES WELCOME Welcome to NORNA SUN SHADES All NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ sun shades are tried and tested quality products, which have been used with great success at schools and institutions throughout Europe for many years. The range offers a flexible sun shade system with many different applications. For example, for quiet areas with hammocks, sensory gardens and sand boxes. NORNA SUN SHADES are flexible solutions that allow you to easily move the shades around as needed. • Our sun shades are UV-certified in accordance with the UV-801 certification. • Polyester has a UV value of 80, which protects against 98% of the sun’s rays. • HPDE has a UV value of 10, which protects against 90 % of the sun’s rays. To see the complete selection of NORNA SUN SHADES, including our extensive selection of sun shades and large sun shade systems, please see our website: https://norna-playgrounds.com/norna-solsejl N9030 T8750

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