54 TAILORED SUN SHADES Tailored sun shades NORNA PLAYGROUNDS can also provide tailored sun shades. In many cases, our customers prefer a solution that fits their surroundings precisely. We deliver tailored sun shades made of the same two materials as our standard sun shades. Tailored sun shades can be made in the exact shape you specify Concerning the sizes of the sun shades: Generally, sun shades can be produced in any size. Very large shades, however, become hard to manage and the pull from the wind can be very powerful. We therefore recommend that sun shades are not made in sizes beyond 20 m2 5 m. If you would like to cover an area larger than 20 m2, we recommend combining several smaller sun shades. Recommendations from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS concerning sun shades and wind force: Sun shades are very easy to handle. We recommend taking the sun shades down in the evening and when it is windy. A sensible and easy practice is to check the Beaufort wind force scale for your local area. , or with side lengths exceeding Our sun shades are tailored according to your measurements and needs. However, combining several small shades often does the job without the need for tailored shades. We recommend the following concerning removing the sun shades: HDPE, when the wind force exceeds 7 on the Beaufort scale. Polyester, when the wind force exceeds 5 on the Beaufort scale. Tailored sun shades, when the wind force exceeds 5 on the Beaufort scale.

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