FSC® & SUSTAINABILITY 7 FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international marking scheme for sustainable wood. The FSC® mark documents that the products stem from forest areas that are used sustainably. • The FSC® has a broad approach to sustainability – and it works with the financial, social and environmental aspects. • The FSC® ensures that the number of trees chopped down does not exceed what the forest can replenish naturally. • The FSC® ensures that rare plants, waterways and springs are protected. • The FSC® forest ensures that endangered animals are safe, by protecting their habitat from logging. • The FSC® ensures that a percentage of the total revenue from the forest is used to support the local society. • The FSC® makes sure that forest workers receive a fair salary, safety equipment and training. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS supports the UN’s sustainable development goals. Global responsibility starts locally. The UN’s 17 sustainable development goals were adopted in 2015. They were created in answer to the great challenges faced by the world. Therefore, achieving them requires a collective effort, across national borders, from companies, organisations and citizens. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS is particularly focused on 3 of these goals: Sustainable development goals 12, 15 and 17. Read more at www.norna-playgrounds.com Robinia wood has a number of unique properties Play your part in sustainability and responsibility Apart from a long lifetime upon contact with soil, Robinia wood stands out by also ranking high on the list when it comes to pressure strength, tensile strength and bending strength. We have great expertise and experience with the procurement of the best and most durable materials. Robinia posts from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS consist only of core wood, which is the innermost part of the trunk. NORNA PLAYGROUND feels responsible towards people, animals and nature. Our business and our strategy is based on sustainable principles. We want good social and environmental conditions for the people we do business with. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS only uses FSC®-marked wood for its production of playground equipment. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS takes a broad approach to sustainability – and works with the financial, social and environmental aspects. Furthermore, we support the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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