Play Features List for Mountain Towers Plus Many more combinations can be designed to suit your own special requirements. Mountain Towers Plus can be combined with the Jukebox Plus modules on page 102 - the possibilities are endless. 3 Floor Hexagonal Tower Height 8.3m Platform heights 1.5m, 3.3m. Ladders, Playhouse, Lookout and Roof installed as standard. 4 Floor Hexagonal Tower Height 10.1m Platform heights 1.5m, 3.3m, 5.1m. Ladders, Playhouse, Lookout and Roof installed as standard. Tube Slide Height 3.3m Stainless steel or plastic (LLDPE) Installed on 3.3m platforms. Spiral Slide Height 5.1m Stainless steel or plastic (LLDPE) Installed on 5.1m platforms. Steel Bar Panel Painted steel. Installed on top floor. Main Panels A variety of CGL and timber trim panels used on all floors. Net Tunnel Link CGL barriers with a steel core rope net and painted steel framework. CGL panel with climbing blocks for access to upper floor. This module also features a mirror play panel. Installed to link 3 and 4 Tower Hexagonal Platforms. Viewpoint Tunnel CGL barriers with plastic (LLDPE) tunnel and bubble window. Installed to link two 3 Hexagonal Platforms. Sky Net CGL side barriers with climbing blocks and a steel core rope net. Installed between the third and fourth floor on 4 Floor Hexagonal Towers. Bubble Panel CGL panel with a bubble window. Installed on the top floor of a 3 or 4 Tower Hexagonal Tower. Play Panels Themed CGL panels with a variety of activities. www.playdale.com 109

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