A plastic tube slide on each unit provides light/dark sensory stimulation and aids independence. The bump panels on all the ramp floors give an exciting sensory experience whether in a wheelchair or on foot. There are sensory coloured polycarbonate panels along the side of the ramps, and the tactile play panels stimulate touch, feel and sound sensory experiences. The Mexico City Plus and Beijing Plus units offer ‘Parallel Play’ experiences where children of all abilities can play together and ‘race’ across the units using the ramp access net. All the units’ satellite platforms are sized to give space to turn and also to park wheelchairs, so users can comfortably enjoy the many play panels. Beijing Plus BC/BEJ 5-12 years x45 12.1m x 8.7m x 2.3m 15.7m x 12.3m x 4.8m 1.1m x75 43.25h / 2 www.playdale.com 117

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