Amazon JC/AMA/S 8-14 years 6.8m x 7.6m x 3.0m 11.3m x 11.9m x 5.4m 3.0m x5 x25 16h / 2 Little Monkeys The smaller version of the Jungle Climbers gives younger monkeys the chance to test their climbing skills. Spider Monkey JC/SPD/S Orangutan 6 - 11 years 5.0m x 3.1m x 1.95m 8.8m x 7.1m x 4.4m 1.95m Chimpanzee JC/CHM/S Orangutan JC/ORA/S x5 x11 8.0h / 2 6 - 11 years 5.1m x 4.0m x 1.95m 8.8m x 8.0m x 4.4m 1.95m x5 x14 8.0h / 2 6 - 11 years 5.3m x 4.5m x 1.95m 9.2m x 8.3m x 4.4m 1.95m x5 x20 8.0h / 2 www.playdale.com 121

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