The i.play website – an interactive tool Unlike most playground products, the i.play experience does not stop when the user has finished playing. Gamers can log onto the i.play website to log their scores and compare scores with users right across the world via the i.play league tables! Unique usage data i.play has integrated GPRS technology within its central unit which means usage data can be downloaded remotely from each individual i.play unit, which can then be accessed by the i.play owner through a dedicated password-protected web page. This extensive information available allows the owner to evaluate the i.play’s performance and popularity in the local community. i.play website stats include: • Game Data – how many games have been played on the unit along with highest scores recorded • Health Data – including total calories burned through game play • Environmental Data – energy used by the unit, CO2 savings and carbon savings • Reports – the ability to have specified information emailed to a registered user on a regular basis www.playdale.com 139

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