A dynamic sporting environment Say hello to your new personal trainer - Training Buddies. Developed in association with Youth Sport Direct, Training Buddies make getting fit fun. They’re accessible, personalised and technically accurate all at the same time. Training Buddies are a dynamic and innovative new outdoor exercise aid, designed to make getting fit accessible and effective for everyone. They can be used both as a complete set to form all or part of an exercise trail, or in isolation as individual training tools to help users to improve their posture, positioning and technique. Perhaps most importantly, Training Buddies are fun. They engage users in a unique and innovative way and, unlike with more traditional gym equipment, the potential for progression is limited only by your imagination, with a full circuit boasting well over 100 different exercises. Benefits • 100 different exercises • Unique and eye-catching design • Customisable graphics, colours and branding options • Versatile layout options • Works all major muscle groups • Safe, eco-friendly materials • Colours complement their environment Install in: • Parks • Playing fields • Sports grounds • Health clubs • Leisure centres • Holiday parks • Workplaces • Universities For more detailed specifications see pages 172 Sit-Up in Blue Pull-Up 1 Health & Fitness 52

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