Playdale Synthetic Grass Synthetic Grass from Playdale gives you advanced technical performance in a surface that looks, feels and plays like the real thing. There’s no mowing, no watering and no maintenance with a critical fall height of up to 3.0m. Available in Playdale Synthetic Grass, Playdale Synthetic Grass (Rubber Fill) and Colour. Playdale Synthetic Grass (Rubber Fill) Designed to hold up to the wear and tear of children’s play. Consists of soft polypropylene fibres infilled with a sterile recycled rubber granule, adding extra cushion and comfort. Available in critical fall heights up to 3.0m. Playdale Synthetic Grass Playdale synthetic grass provides a soft, neat synthetic grass surface to Rubber Fill protect your play area. It consists of multi tone grass and a brown thatch system to provide a strong, durable surface with added comfort. Available in critical fall heights up to 3.0m. Colour Why not add some colour to your surfacing? Synthetic Grass is available in a variety of colours, ask our sales department for more information. Can be used alongside Playdale synthetic grass and offers the same critical fall height. No Fill Also available in a range of graphics: • Circles • Squares • Stars • Splash • Musical note Synthetic Grass Geotextile Membrane Shock Pad Sand Base Colour Graphics www.playdale.com 165

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