Playdale Bonded Rubber Mulch Solid black rubber shred from recycled rubber that is then coloured with a unique encapsulation process. The rubber shred is then bound with a specially formulated PU binder. Bonded Rubber Mulch can be laid onto solid, compacted ground with a membrane. Unlike Wet Pour it does not require a subbase or any edging. It also follows the contours of the existing surface. Available in critical fall heights of 1.6m, 2.6m and 3.0m all with full certification to BS EN 1177. Available in a variety of colours. GrassLok GrassLok consists of 0.5m x 0.5m interlocking recycled PVC / rubber tiles designed specifically for use as safety surfacing underneath play equipment. The tiles allow existing grass to grow through, which can then be mown as usual. GrassLok can provide a critical fall height (CFH) of up to 3m. However, the CFH is dependant on site specific factors such as soil type, soil moisture levels and grass growth, our Area Managers can advise you on this. Key Product features of GrassLok • Manufactured in the UK • 3.0m Critical Fall Height (BS EN 1177 tested) • Flame retardant • UV protected • Available in Black or Green • 10 year guarantee • Up to 99% recycled material • Allows wheelchair access Tiles The rubber tiles we use provide a finished surface with similar properties as Wet Pour. The tiles are laid onto a prepared concrete base. The tiles are prefabricated, 1m x 1m, and are supplied in various thicknesses. The thickness of the tile used is dependent on the Critical Fall Height (CFH) of the equipment. Existing The standard colour is black but the tiles are also available in red, green, and blue. All tiles comply with BS EN 1177 and BS 7188. Test Certificates are supplied for all thicknesses offered. www.playdale.com 167 ground level Pressure treated timber edging Pressure treated timber stake Subbase: 100mm concrete Impact absorbing rubber tile Tile adhesive

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