Tarmac Graphics Why not complement your playground design with tarmac graphics? We have a wide range available including traditional games, letters and characters that are great for providing learning opportunities in the playground. Ask your Area Manager for more details on the full range available. 3D Canyon (above), 3D Extreme Hopscotch (below) Theming We have a variety of themed graphics to complement our playground equipment. For example roadways can be used in 3D Graphics Fun and exciting, these graphics are exclusive to Playdale. The 3D Hopscotch and 3D Canyon are 2-dimensional graphics but give you a 3-dimensional optical illusion from a certain perspective. Target Wall Graphics Add tarmac graphics to your Playdale Target Wall to increase the fun and challenge for children. conjunction with our ‘On the Road’ selection and train tracks can be used alongside our Play Train. Spiral Snakes and Ladders A different take on the traditional game, this bright and colourful version operates in a spiral form. www.playdale.com 169

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