Swings Toddler Swing SEE BELOW Our swings are designed to provide more variety by offering them in single or two-bay designs and to introduce some unique and innovative features to improve performance and durability. • Strong robust timber uprights • Stainless steel anti-wrap top poles • Hard wearing stainless steel chains 18 months - 3 years 0.34m x 1.75m x 1.89m 6.8m x 4.25m x 3.4m 1.3m x1 x2 Standard: TSW/S With Anti-Wrap Bearings: TSW(AW)/S 4.0h / 2 Timber 2-Bay Swing with Team, Flat and Cradle Seats Toddler Swing Team Swing Seat Cradle Swing Seat Cradle Swing Cradle Seat 18 months - 3 years Toddler Cradle swing seat moulded from high-quality rubber. Tango Seat 1 - 5 years The Tango seat is a unique twoseater configuration that allows face to face swinging. Suitable for the 1-5 years age range together with their parent/carer. Flat Seat 3 - 14 years Team Seat 3 - 14 years Flat junior swing seat moulded from high-quality rubber. The inclusive Team swing seat is constructed from moulded Polyethylene with a surrounding high-quality rubber impact ring. Inclusive Seat 5 - 14 years This inclusive seat is designed for children of all physical abilities. There is an optional harness for those children that need it. Contact our sales team for more information. 24 Playground Favourites

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