Play Panels Tactile Play Panels encourage free-flow play offering sensory stimulation, imaginative, educational and cooperative play, social interaction and numeracy development. There are nine different activities available, some of which can be built into Little Hamlets Plus, Little City Plus, Jukebox Plus and Big City Plus units, or installed as free-standing units with options of timber legs, stainless steel legs or wall-mounted. Free-standing panels can be arranged into many combinations to create maze-style layouts. Combined with log fencing, even more designs can be created! Pinball Panel Play Panel Maze For more detailed specifications see pages 172-173 Main Panel Colour Options Option A Dark Blue Option B Purple Option C Green 1.2m x 0.12m x 1.6m 3.7m x 2.6m x 2.5m Ball Maze Panel PLP(BM) Free-standing Panel Technical Information 3.0h / 2 Bubble Panel PLP(B) 18 months + x1 x2 A double sided play activity with rotating central maze, stainless steel ball and seven numbered goals to reach. Available as free-standing and wall-mounted. 18 months + x1 x1 500mm diameter viewing bubble that allows for imaginative play, sensory stimulation, and aids supervision for parents or carers. Available as free-standing. 50 Educational Play

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