Bridges We offer two bridges which can be used on flat/level ground, across a shallow open ditch or bridging a shallow dip between two mounds. Timber Bridge with ramp TIB/02/S Version without ramp available - TIB/01/S 6 - 14 years 6.9m x 1.7m x 1.2m 10.5m x 5.4m x 2.7m 0.3m Canyon Bridge outward towers CAB/02/S x1 x12 7.0h / 2 Inward towers version available - CAB/01/S 6 - 14 years 6.8m x 2.0m x 1.2m 10.5m x 5.7m x 2.7m 0.3m x2 x6 4.0h / 2 Natural Items We are able to offer a selection of natural play elements to ensure a play space blends in with its natural surroundings. Boulders Tree Trunks Sleeper Steps SLS Available in five different sizes our boulders are smooth and rounded with no sharp edges. These are ideal for seating or clambering. Available in three sizes. Ideal for creating additional seating, tree trunks are also perfect for clambering. Heavy Rustic Sleepers www.playdale.com 71

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