concludes the book with a chapter offering a current-state analysis tool and a simple template to apply in your company. If you’re seeking to design and launch a continuous improvement program, How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement is the <rst book you should turn to-and it’s the last one you’ll ever need! Praise for How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement Using a story he lived through, Joakim vividly brings to life for us the transformation from a mediocre topdown organization depending on a few internal experts for its survival to a high performance organization of empowered employees engaged in continuous improvement. -Jeffrey Liker, bestselling author of The Toyota Way This succinct book packs an enormous amount of wisdom and experience into an entertaining fast read. It gives a clear roadmap for any leader to implement a strong continuous improvement program in his or her unit. Highly recommended! -Alan G. Robinson, Professor of Management, University of Massachusetts and author of Corporate Creativity and Ideas are Free The most valuable and lean book I have read about lean. -Goeran Martinsson, Continuous improvement Manager, IKEA Well written, easy to read, <lled with excellent examples . . . If you only plan to read one change management book this year, this is the book you should read. -Dag Naslund, Professor of Management, University of North Florida An amazing guide in lean principles, with simple tools for simpli<cations. -Susanne Schipper, Continuous Improvement Coach, AstraZeneca Simplicity is the essence of this great book. Ahlstrom delivers a straightforward and simple approach to support your work with continuous improvement. -Ronny Alund, Productivity Management, Volvo CE This book is a little gem with large content! Unlike many other books on the subject, you only have to read it once because it sticks. -Johan Valett, Vice President Haldex Way, Haldex I recommend How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement to anyone who needs a fast and inspiring introduction to continuous improvement. -Janne Lundberg, Global Lean Innovation Manager, Assa Abloy Highlights van het boek: 1. lekker geschreven a.d.h.v. cases 2. gaat goed in op hoe een probleem aangepakt moet worden 3. heldere improvement-loop op blz 38 4. ook in dit boek ontbreekt de rol van de leider niet; hier terecht genoemd coach; en uitgewerkt hoe dit moet plaatsvinden (blz 60) 5. plus een duidelijke uitleg hoe continu verbeteren een blijvend succes kan worden 100 | How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement

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