Watersport Harbour information You are very welcome in the modern marinas of Grou. All four marinas are within walking distance of the pleasant shopping streets and best restaurants. The marinas are fully equipped and the very friendly and welcoming harbour-masters are always ready to make your stay in Grou as relaxed as possible. So it doesn’t matter in what port you stay. Whether it is the Pikmeerhaven or the Hellingshaven, the Nieuwe Kade or the Suderkade, all marinas are provided with good sanitary facilities.This also applies for water and electricity. Nearby Zeilcentrum Grou is a swimming beach and a playground for children. please note that the Hellingshaven is equipped for boats up to 12 meters. Sanitary facilities Public sanitary facilities can be found at the following locations: In the port building Havenhûs on the Meersweg next to restaurant Theehuis. Open from 08:00 to 20:00. When closed, access can be obtained via the access code which is on your overnight proof. The Hellingshaven in the Havenhúske Toilets are open 24/7. For showering you can go to the Havenhûs or the bandstand on the Halbertsma’s Plein (Square). Under the bandstand on the Halbertsma’s Plein. Open in June, July and August from 07:00 till 22:00. In the basement of Zeilcentrum Grou on the Wilhelminastraat. Open from 07:00 till 22:00. Access can be obtained via the access code which is on your overnight proof. During opening hours of sailing Center is the code not needed. Garbage and drainage of foul water Household garbage can be deposited in the garbage containers at the toilet facilities on the harbours. You can empty your foul water tank on jetty C of the Pikmeerhaven and the FRO quay of the Hellingshaven. Use the green bike Use the green bike for free if you need to go a bit further than the town centre. For example to visit the pharmacy or the library. Ask the harbourmaster for the possibilities. Harbour charges On arrival report to the harbour master. Please don’t forget your box number. Harbour charges to moor overnight are € 1,21 per meter. Please pay by card. You can find the harbour regulations on www.leeuwarden.nl. Contact details harbourmaster You can contact the harbour master in by phone +31 (0) 6 53151298 or by e-mail havenmeestergrou@ outlook.com. The harbourmaster is present every day in the port building Havenhûs and comes along early in the morning or late in the afernoon. The harbour master is present/comes along at: Etienne Bosman Harbour master +31 (0) 6 51351298 April 1st till June 1st 08:30 - 10:00 14:00 - 19:00 June 1st till Sept 1st 08:30 - 11:00 14:00 - 20:00 Sept 1st till Nov 1st 08:30 - 10:00 14:00 - 19:00  HavenGrou The activities can also be followed by HavenGrou on Facebook. 25

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