COMPANY PROFILE WE LOVE TO SELL WHAT WE BELIEVE IN We believe that it is our mission toward our customers to increase their profit and the pleasure to install the products we sell by: • preparing all information directly or indirectly related to our products in such a way that our products can be installed easier and faster, with a minimum error margin. • streamlining the installation process to avoid a maximum number of disturbing factors. • submitting each product to a quality control, of which the norms are defined by us, so we can identify and solve a maximum number of factors that could cause annoyance. • where possible, proposing improvements to manufacturers, in order to increase the quality and performance of their products. • developing car specific solutions to simplify the installation process. • delivering our products with fitting instructions and user’s manual in the customer’s language. Selling automotive accessories is our passion. This is expressed in the way we care for the products we sell and for our customers. We are known as a company that is very exigent in regard to its suppliers for one reason and one reason only: to stand 100% behind each product we put on sales. All the products we buy must comply with European regulations. They must be CE and E approved and RoHs compatible. We want to make sure that our customers have an outspoken preference for our products. All our efforts are put into ensuring that installers will get the margin they deserve on your products and to convince our customers that your product cannot be replaced by another one. For products we buy, we get to know everything there is to know about them. We will only feel comfortable when we have become experts about your products. VOS nv is not just a distributor, but a sales company that takes full ownership of each product and brand in its portfolio. We only sell what we believe in. If this is what you are looking for, then we can do business. 1

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