1. New policies & services 1.1 Policies and documentation In anticipation of the renewal of the Data Seal of Approval, that is succeeded by the new CoreTrustSeal, we have updated some policies and documentation and created new ones: - Preservation policy - Data collection policy - List of preferred formats - Guidelines for creating a README file 1.2 Data funds This year we introduced two funds to support researchers with their research data management: the Data Refinement Fund and the Data Paper Fund. The Data Refinement Fund offers researchers a budget to make their valuable research data available online by refining their data for proper discoverability and reusability. With the Data Paper Fund 4TU.ResearchData promotes publishing of data papers by funding the publishing costs. 1.3 NetCDF data services This year we started exploring our options for providing services related to netCDF data. Atmospheric and environmental research data form the bulk of the content of the 4TU.ResearchData archive. Most of these datasets are coded in netCDF, a data format that is especially suited to store multi-dimensional array-oriented data. In the report that we will write we will be assessing the opportunities for creating not just technical services related to storing and archiving NetCDF, but for advice and guidance, and the advantages that could accrue from being recognised as a source of data in the area. 2

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