3.Collaborations 3.1 NIOZ pilot At the beginning of 2017 two NIOZ research groups have decided to use the 4TU.ResearchData archive for making data underlying their publications available and discoverable. Datasets are deposited by either the data librarian of NIOZ or the researcher him/herself. A service that is highly appreciated by NIOZ is the ‘DOI reservation’. The researcher receives a DOI for the dataset in advance to integrate the DOI into a paper that is in the publication process. In total, NIOZ has deposited 16 datasets last year. 3.2 Outreach to 4TU. research centres In the second half of 2017 explored the research data management needs within the research centres of the 4TU.Federation and (re)introduced the services provided by 4TU. ResearchData that can cover those needs. The project included structured interviews with the Scientific Directors of each Research Centre. The results will be presented as a report ,which will be shared with the 4TU. Federation (soon available). 6

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